Posted on Friday, December 12, 2010

Why are all the leads brought to managers when the money for them comes directly out of my account?

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  1. National Agents Alliance Rep says:

    The whole thing is a system of checks and balances and accountability. Those financial reasons are the why the leads go through agency managers. It’s to protect everybody on all levels.

  2. National Agents Alliance SCAM says:

    I’m seeing some negative stuff about National Agents Alliance? Why is there so much negative discussion about NAA?

    • National Agents Alliance Manager says:

      Some of the content is generated by individuals hired to discredit our organization and recruit agents who are interested in the NAA insurance sales, but some are actually failed agents who have a grudge against a system that they feel failed them.

      That is precisely the reason that this site was developed. To hear the disgruntled voices of our agents. If there are problems, posting them on other sites does not help us to fix issues that may be plaguing our agents.

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