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Category: FAQ

Can I make fast money with National Agents Alliance?

If you look at this as a job, yes you can make money fast. It only takes one week to get licensed. It’s a 40-hour class, so if you devoted 60 hours the first week and passed your state test you can get going. That’s not a National Agents Alliance requirement, it’s a requirement by […]

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Why is OASYS complicated?

There are a variety of ways to learn about OASys and how it functions. One way is to participate in the Lead Certification Class that is held at most major events. This class gives you all the information needed to navigate and optimize the use the lead system. They go over all the lead types, […]

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What can I do about bad lead information?

Leads can be submitted for credit depending on their type and the reason for the credit request. Bad contact data is an acceptable reason for credit request. can also be a very useful tool to check for alternate contact information. If we are also not able to find correct contact information the credit will […]

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Is National Agents Alliance a Scam?

No. National Agents Alliance is a strategy, it is a systematic business, some would even call it a scheme. If you look up scheme in Webster’s dictionary you know that a scheme is a plan or program of action, which obviously is what National Agents Alliance is. It’s a strategy to help people create income, […]

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